Gun Assessment: Springfield SAINT AR-15 Rifle

Gun Assessment: Springfield SAINT AR-15 Rifle

Springfield Armory is embarking on a bit of a corporate re-branding. According to the gunmaker’s marketing professionals, their "Defend Your Legacy" slogan targets People between 25- and forty five-years-old. Consumers who know their safety is their very own responsibility. Who understand that the good guys have firearms because they’re the best tool for the job of self-defense. That each one People have a historic proper to maintain and bear arms. Enter The SAINT.

No, not the Roger Moore collection by the identical name, famous for the actor’s arch dialogue, arched eyebrow, and Volvo P1800 coupe (which had fins, not arches). The SAINT is Springfield’s first AR-15. Following an expensive teaser ad campaign, the company lastly unveiled their secret weapon at a media event in October. After putting some 700 rounds by way of manufacturing examples, my first impressions were positive. But would alone time with the SAINT change my opinion?

On the vary and on the move, the SAINT balances nicely. The medium profile — straight, no grenade launcher cut — barrel isn’t a lightweight, however the BCM handguard is. Mix that with the total-auto-weight bolt service group, heavy buffer, and strong stock and the rifle swings and handles more nimbly than its 6 lbs., eleven oz total weight would possibly suggest.

The rifle feels less toy-like than many ARs, due largely to some effort in reducing the everyday rattle and slop and springy nature of the platform. As mentioned, the BCM stock is especially stable — it doesn’t wiggle, it doesn’t flex and it doesn’t rattle like the standard M4 unit. The "Accu-Tite" receiver tensioning system eliminates play between upper and decrease receivers, enhancing this stable feel further. BCM’s Mod three pistol grip affords a comfortable shape and a more vertical angle than the A2 unit, which most shooters will prefer.

From the desert outside of Las Vegas to the snowy mountains of North Idaho, my SAINT(s) has run with out a single hitch. A thousand rounds or so through it now with no cleansing or added lubrication, and it’s nonetheless feeding, firing and ejecting easily and with authority. No signs of weird wear or of slowing down.

Total, The SAINT’s accuracy, dealing with, strong really feel, smooth motion, and reliability instill confidence. It shoots and appears like a nicely-sorted, quality AR-15.

I’ve warmed-up to the set off in this thing, too. My unique opinion was solidly in the "meh" category, not quite positive if the additional effort of nickel boron plating and sharpening the components was worth it. Lipstick on a pig, for those who will.

But particularly now that it’s broken in, and having shot it back-to-back with a couple of "Mil-Spec" jobs, eliminating a lot of the grit, enhancing the smoothness of the reset, crisping up the break, and dropping the pull weight down just a few pounds paid off. I can shoot this gun sooner and more confidently than I can a parts kit set off counterpart (elements kit graph here, and note the ten-lb vertical scale). The ~6.25-lb weight and the creep nonetheless demand strong concentration on the basics when shooting for accuracy, though.